The Benefits of Good SEO Training Courses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collective term for a variety of techniques designed to help target webpages rank highly with search engines. Search Engine Optimization, while still a new field, has a tremendous impact on the way businesses operate online. A good understanding of current Search Engine Optimization practices and techniques is essential to functioning well in today’s online business climate. Of course, it goes without saying that some ways of learning about Search Engine Optimization are better than others. All things considered, Search Engine Optimization training courses are the best source of up-to-date information on SEO.SEO training courses are superior to other methods of learning about SEO for the following reasons:1. They promote a deep understanding of SEO versus the more superficial understanding other sources of SEO information tend to promote.2. They are always designed by top SEO experts.3. They are always structured in a way that makes learning fun and efficient.4. They provide only the latest information on SEO.Reading online about SEO may give you some idea of the basics, but if you want to fully comprehend SEO as a whole, you need to look into SEO professional training courses. Training courses always teach SEO in such a way that all the parts of SEO are related to each other, which means that even a novice can get a good general understanding of SEO after a few instruction periods. SEO professional training courses take you far beyond just learning details out of context; they show you everything in context in such a way that you can work towards complete mastery.Unlike a lot of SEO instructional videos and books, SEO training courses are only put together by established SEO professionals. You do not want an amateur making your training materials. The quality of training materials is a key factor in the effectiveness of any kind of training. If you use poor quality materials, you will end up with poor learning results. Go with the experts, and don’t trust anyone else to design your SEO learning curriculum.The way your SEO learning materials are structured is just as important as their quality. Well-structured materials enable you to remember what you learn better and have more fun while learning. Poorly structured learning materials sabotage the progress of even gifted learners. One of the biggest advantages of SEO training courses is that they always carefully structure the information you learn so that you only ever deal with the meat of SEO and your time is never wasted on fluff.SEO professional training courses also distinguish themselves from other sources of SEO information by containing only up-to-date content. It is true that there is a lot of SEO related material available on the web, but the vast majority of this material is outdated. SEO changes very rapidly, and yesterday’s insights can be less than worthless. In order to really benefit from SEO training, you need only the latest SEO insights.Learning about SEO isn’t easy, but with the help of professional teachers, you can be well on your way to obtaining a mastery of SEO in a relatively short period of time. Don’t skimp on your SEO training; everything you invest in it now will payoff later.

What is Link Popularity?

Link popularity is simply the total number of web pages that link to your web page. Link popularity is an extremely important factor that is used by most of the major search engines to rank web pages and web sites. In general, the major search engines consider link popularity a key factor in their algorithms to determine the relevancy of your web page to a particular keyword search query.Good link popularity is important because it can increase the visitor traffic to your web page. The reputation of your web site (i.e., votes of confidence from other web sites) is a measure of the site’s link popularity. Your web page rank (i.e., the position your web page occupies in a search engine’s results page) to a particular search query can be improved by increasing the number of relevant and quality web sites that have incoming links to your web page.An incoming link is considered to be relevant if it is meaningful and relates to your web page. If you sell golf clubs online, relevant incoming links could be from: golf club manufacturers, golf apparel sites, competitors, golf-related directories and so forth. In addition, internal links (links from web pages within your web site) are considered relevant and essential because they help your web page visitor to navigate your web site.It is not enough to just have web page links coming into your web page (link popularity). The quality of the incoming link is also critical. A search engine will put more emphasis on a high quality web page (ranked high by a particular search engine) than on a low quality web page (ranked low by a particular search engine). It will take many lower quality incoming links to approach the level of a single high quality incoming link.The major search engines do more than match the content of your web page to the keyword search query to determine if there’s a good match for a particular search. They look at the quality of the links to your web page. The reason is because there are thousands, if not millions, of web pages that contain the search query’s particular keyword or keyword phrase in the web page content. The search engines want to deliver a list of relevant and ordered web pages to meet a user’s query search.In addition to the link popularity, search engines also look at the anchor text contained in the incoming link to your web page. It will consider your web page more relevant to the keyword query search if the text in the incoming link to your web page contains the queried keywords.The number and quality of incoming links to your web page can be an excellent source of targeted and consistent visitor traffic to your site. In addition, search engines are more likely to index your web pages on a more frequent basis if you have many incoming relevant and quality links. The search engine spiders have a higher probability of finding you through the external incoming links to your site as your link popularity increases.Reciprocal linking or link exchanging involves another web page linking to your web page and you linking back to their web page. If you select targeted and relevant web pages to exchange links with then you have a higher probability of gaining increased visitor traffic to your web page. In addition, your web page ranking on a search engine keyword query is also likely to improve as mentioned earlier.Your overall marketing plan should include a link exchange campaign to help improve your search engine rankings and the visitor traffic to your web page. Spend the necessary time and energy to locate and exchange links with link exchange partners that provide a good match with your web page. Review the potential link partner’s web site theme and content to determine if their link would be relevant to your site. Consider only those web sites as exchange partners with themes or topics that complement or relate to your web page.It is important that you have a good link exchange strategy in place and a process to manage the reciprocal links. Don’t link to a web page if they are not linking back to your web page. Link exchange campaigns require your attention and monitoring. You can perform the link exchange management manually or you can use a computer program that will do it for you.There are a number of good programs that perform link exchange management functions. However, there are some programs that do a poor job. For example, some management software programs will perform automated search engine queries to harvest prospects that are not relevant for linking to your web page. Do not use “link farms” in your link exchange campaign. These sites provide hundreds of non-relevant links with no meaningful content to your site that the search engines can detect and potentially use to ban or penalize your site.The vast majority web site owners that participate in a link exchange program do not understand the issues and benefits of the exchange. As a result, they do not maximize the potential value to be gained from the link exchange. Learn and implement the proper strategies and your web page will potentially benefit from improved search engine ranking and increased targeted and qualified visitors.Every web site that provides links to other web pages should have a links page. Your links page will be an excellent resource for the visitors to your web site. Your web site will be more helpful and credible to your visitors if you provide useful and relevant links on your links page. You can start utilizing the power of your links page when it becomes a service to your visitors rather than a tool to obtain higher search engine ranking.You need to categorize your links if you have a lot of outgoing links. Don’t try to put all your links on one links page where it has the appearance of a link farm (i.e., no valuable content or relevance) to the search engines that want to index the page. Create a useful links page that shows only the link categories with separate links that take your visitor to an individual link page for each category. The intent is to provide a resource for your visitors that is useful and can be easily navigated. Search engines love this type of structure that they can fully index.The incoming links to your web page and the outgoing links to other web pages should be structured in a clear manner. Provide your link exchange partners with the exact HTML code to be included in the link on their web page. This code should include your URL, your anchor link text with the appropriate keyword or keyword phrase and a concise description that incorporates your web site name and the appropriate keyword or keyword phrase.Copyright (C) F. Terrence Markle – All Rights Reserved
You have permission to publish this article in its entirety, as long as the bylines and the resource box are included. You must make all links active.Get my FREE report “The Niche Factor” on niche marketing with Master Resale Rights at: my FREE report “The AdSense Factor” on AdSense marketing with Master Resale Rights at:

Major Areas of Study at Tennessee Technology Center at Nashville

Tennessee Technology Centre at Nashville is one of the 26 technology centers established in the year 1963. The technology center excels in offering technical training programs in various fields.Types of Degrees The Tennessee Technology at Nashville is a public institute that has 2-year degree programs as its main offerings. In addition, the technology center also offers less-than-one -year and less-than-four-year degree programs. Here are the lists of courses offered by the technology, classified on the basis of their duration.Less Than One Year Skin Care Specialist: The course prepares the individuals to become licensed skin care specialists and estheticians.Technician: Various courses help the individuals to become technicians in aircraft power plant technology, auto body collision and repair technology, automotive mechanics technology, dental laboratory technology and drafting and design technology.Other Courses: Other less-than-one-year degree programs available at the technology center are:
Business office automation technology
Child care and support services management
Medical laboratory science
Electrical and electronics equipment installation and repair
Vocational nurse training
Machine shop technology
Management information systems
Welding technologyLess Than Two Year Various less than two year degree programs at the technology center are:
Child care and support services management: It prepares the individuals for provision and management of child care services.
Cosmetology: It prepares the individuals to become licensed cosmetologists.
Dental laboratory technology: It prepares the individuals to become experts in dental anatomy and other dental procedures.
Electrical and power transmission installation: The course prepares the individuals to become expert in installation of residential and commercial electrical systems.
Vocational nurse training: The program helps to impart skills of a nursing assistant in the individual.
Pharmacy technician: The program imparts skills related to preparation of medications and provision of assistance to patients.Less Than Four Year Some of the main degree courses at the Tennessee Technology Center at Nashville with duration less than four years include:
Aircraft power plant technology
Auto collision and repair technology
Drafting and design technology
Refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance technology
Management information systemsThe students interested in one of the courses at the Tennessee Technology Center at Nashville can also learn about the admission procedure and student aid offered by the center using an online college directory.

Some Issues in the Entertainment World That Require Legal Help

When most people picture the work of an attorney, they probably imagine someone standing in front of a jury trying to convince twelve men and women, using strong facts and emotion, to see their way on a particular case. Thanks to television and movies, this characterization of a lawyer certainly is reasonable. And, there are amazing trial lawyers who do spend their careers in a courtroom arguing on behalf of their clients. The reality is, though, that the overwhelming amount of work that falls to most attorneys is done far from the spotlight created by a public trial. Instead, the men and women of the legal profession usually work behind the scenes to protect the professions, reputations, and finances of those for whom they work. Such is the case with the attorneys that practice entertainment law, and in Texas the need for such lawyers is found for a diverse set of circumstances within the many creative fields that find a home in our state.Entertainment law covers a wide spectrum of issues that affect people who are in some way involved with the arts. Clients requiring the services of an entertainment attorney can include athletes, actors, singers, songwriters, producers and anyone else who uses their talents for enjoyment by the public. Just think about all of the ways in which someone in the field of entertainment would require legal protection. There is a constant threat to one’s reputation courtesy of disgruntled workers and paparazzi. Imagine if someone like Angelina Jolie and now Jon or Kate Gosselin had to address all of the tabloid rumors themselves. Also, there is the need to make sure that an actor will receive his due not only when a television show first airs, but when it lives on through syndication and DVD sales. With new technologies capturing movies and television programs in ways not anticipated just a few years ago, actors are eager to renegotiate contracts for future compensation. Or, suppose you are a serious artist whose paintings hang on the most respected galleries in Austin, Houston, San Antonio or Dallas. Do you want your artwork to be copied and then mass-produced onto t-shirts to be worn by every teenager in Texas? Through copyright laws, entertainment attorneys can protect your images so that they are used only in the context that you desire.While there is no shortage of entertainment of any type in Texas, there are two areas that are of particular importance in our state. We have an amazing music industry in Texas, with Austin especially being known for its cultivation of talent. Singers, songwriters, music producers, record label owners-all have significant investment in the talent that is being packaged. Artist recording contracts must be written to determine a singer’s ties to a record label as well as the freedom he or she will have in the creative process. What if another artist loves your work and wants to integrate it into his own new recording? Attorneys will be needed to prepare the necessary licenses for music sampling. And, even though the singers who appear on stage in sold-out arenas and find themselves in heavy rotation on the weekly video countdown are the ones who usually get the glory for a great song, songwriters need to know that their work is being validated both financially and with due recognition when appropriate.In addition to the wonderful music that Texans offer the rest of the world, everyone knows that the residents of our great state love their sports. Whether we are cheering on our favorite high school team under the lights on a Friday night or welcoming home the most famous cyclist on the planet from yet another improbable victory, we have an appreciation for athletes and the value that they bring to our recreational time. With this emphasis engrained on kids throughout the Lone Star State, it is no surprise that we have more than our share of athletes raised in our state. Also, great athletes come to Texas from around the country to play for one of our many professional organizations. All of these men and women need contracts to ensure that they are fairly compensated for their contributions to the sport of their choice. Over the course of a career, it is not unlikely that an athlete will need an attorney to assist with disputes involving agents, managers, or players’ associations. We all have seen the news stories detailing what happens when salary negotiations break down or a player doesn’t feel he is getting the time of the field that he deserves. What about the opportunities for income that may present themselves away from the sports venue? When you see Dale Earnhardt, Jr. endorsing Wrangler Jeans or Tiger Woods speaking of the great virtues of Gatorade, you can be sure that lawyers were involved in the negotiations for these partnerships.Men and women who choose to pursue a career within the entertainment industry will almost certainly find the need for legal representation at some point. Even with the smoothest of professional experiences, entertainers must deal with such necessary acts as signing contracts, preparing a tour schedule, and lending their image to others seeking an endorsement. When problems arise, the issues are often magnified through the lens of celebrity and an aggressive and dedicated Entertainment law attorney is required. When an artist or athlete is not getting properly compensated, when efforts are made to extort money in return for tantalizing information that may or may not be true, or when injuries occur due to inappropriate working conditions, the role of the entertainment lawyer becomes even more imperative.Due to its flourishing music scene and renowned athletic traditions, as well as efforts being made by our state to attract more movie production (notwithstanding Michigan and Louisiana), Texas easily can place itself among states like California and New York that perhaps are the most obvious locations in which entertainment law is prolific. If you live or work in Texas and have a connection to some aspect of an entertainment-related industry, you should make the retention of an attorney a top priority. When an issue develops that may affect your livelihood or even your very well-being, you will be able to take action immediately.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.


Determining the Value of Brand Origin and Brand Image Investment for High End Luxury Brands

In today’s market place, a large number of brands use strong brand origin cues in their promotions campaigns. This is highly prevalent when it comes to luxury brands including behemoths like LVMH and Gucci to specialist luxury players like Patek Phillipe and Bremont, which highlight their brand origin in each and every promotion. For example, specialist luxury watch maker Baume & Mercier highlights its brand origin inside their logo itself. Researchers suggest that in markets for example luxury fashions and accessories, a specific country of origin or foreign image generally may carry a prestige connotation. It’s also been observed that luxury brands spend a disproportionate level of their overall financial budget on brand image building.When looking at the country-of-origin literature, it’s possible to note that the majority of the country-of- origin literature has emphasized origin effects at the product level rather than brand level. Professor Keller opines that brand related cues behave as an important competitive advantage aspect for luxury brands. Moreover, researchers have progressively required measuring the impact of brand name origin and brand image on purchase intentions. In one of my earlier papers, I discovered that due to the highly social nature of luxury consumption, consumers make an effort to gain social advantage by using the desired group’s consumption pattern. Concentrating on different facets of the independent self, it can be theorized that consumers will demonstrate fitting in behaviour by using brands which match the look with the group they wish to belong to. Furthermore, scientific study has emphasized that brand related cues may give a key to a greater understanding of luxury consumption. Thus, if consumers use branding cues to produce a sense of belonging, it would seem logical to review how such branding cues may influence customer purchase decision.In recent years, the issue of luxury consumption has brought a lot of interest among marketing scholars. However, little is known about how exactly to optimize and control consumer expectations using management controlled factors for instance brand origin and brand image.To discover an answer towards the issue of how management controlled factors can be used to optimize consumer expectations, we completed research emphasizing following two questions:1. What will be the effect of branding cues (i.e. brand origin and brand image) on purchase intentions?2. Is the impact similar across developing and emerging markets?The answer to the issue one will help researchers and managers in knowing whether the wide range of money luxury brands devote to brand image is worth it or otherwise not. Similarly, the answer to question two highlights what type of standardization and adaptation is required when promoting luxury brands in various markets.Using this goal at heart, we studied consumers from your UK and India employing a structured quantitative survey.Prior scientific studies concentrating on regularly consumed products have found a greater influence of brand name origin on collectivist consumers. However, contradicting results were noticed in the context of luxury purchase intentions. The research results claim that consumers in individualist developed market rely more on brand origin cues than consumers in collectivist, developing markets. This is often caused by the nature of the market and competition. British consumers have come across the entire process of globalization for a longer period than their Indian counterparts. While the elite within the Indian market were as aware and consuming global luxury brands as their developed country counterparts, the masses were not. Furthermore, global luxury brands entered several developing markets including India in the late 1990s and early 2000s. For example, LVMH entered India by way of a partnership in 2003, and Armani found its way to India only in mid-2007. The longer exposure with the masses to global luxury products, availability of more brands, and greater competition make British consumers increasingly conscious of the brand origin cues associated with the luxury products or brands. Therefore, to differentiate themselves, British consumers use stronger brand origin cues than Indian consumers who only recently have been exposed to global luxury brands within their home markets.The finding relating to brand image is worth attention. The research findings revealed that brand image does not influence consumer purchase intentions directly nonetheless it significantly moderates the connection between normative interpersonal influences and luxury purchase intentions in both countries. This finding gives empirical support for the theorized argument submitted earlier regarding gelling behaviour and the impact of brand name image. The study implies that people display higher self-brand connection if the brand image is in conjunction with the image of the social group they need to keep company with. Brand image seemed to be found to be a disciplined moderator for the relationship between informational interpersonal influences and luxury purchase intentions. However, it was only significant in the context of the UK. This result corroborates the sooner result regarding the utilization of strong brand cues on the list of British consumers. It once more stresses the importance of brand building.Managers vying for acceptance of the luxury brands in developed markets like the UK should concentrate on having a strategy that stresses the brand origin prominently. The findings highlight the fascinating contrasts in buyer behavior across nations. Indian consumers are highly dedicated to social acceptability and look for others views of reality to suit in. On the other hand, British consumers associate with a favourable brand origin to fit in. Luxury brand managers have to be conscious of consumers’ limited awareness and knowledge of luxury brands in developing markets (as a result of less exposure). As a result, it may be required to go for significant co-branding and joint ventures such markets to accomplish a greater prominence of these brands in consumers’ minds which often will build strong loyalty and equity in these markets.Overall, the results also highlight an original contextual association of luxury. Previous researchers observed the significance of brand origin and image when it comes to Indian consumers’ consumption decisions for regularly purchase products however, contradicting findings of this study claim that luxury like a context is fairly unique. Therefore, managers should approach generalized findings relating to regularly purchased products with caution when it comes to it in the context of luxury consumption.Source: luxury brand origin

Necessity of Online Education for Older Women

The system of linking students, teachers and learning resources when they are not in the same location is called “distance learning”. Earlier, distance learning made effective use of communication technologies like the postal service, and then television programs. However, a huge shift occurred after the advent of the Internet and “online education” was born. This transformed not only the methods of education but also the development and propagation of knowledge and communications between students and teachers. But how did all this effect older women? Technology granted new opportunities for many older women to achieve educational goals and they successfully managed to balance home and education.Universities now form partnerships with businesses and even each other to compete better, in a greatly expanded worldwide market for students. The growth of online education can be attributed primarily to these reasons -• You get to choose the class hours according to your discretion.• Instead of a typical classroom environment, you get to learn in the comfort of your home.• Since the actual sessions are never crowded, more attention is focused on you.• Zero conveyance cost. Also you get to choose a class which fits your personal style and budget.• Since there is to-and-fro involved, you save a lot of time.According to a survey, more than 2 million students enrolled in online education courses in 2002 alone. If a recent U.S. government document is to be believed, the average age of online students is 34 years old and they are mostly female.So why do older women pursue continuing education? According to a survey, the main impetuses of women for returning to education are -• Expansion of their current career• Enhancement of current salary• Changing or beginning careers• Returning to staff position• Pursuing personal advantagesAmong the women surveyed, 20% belonged to the age group of 41 – 50.The top online colleges offering scholarships in America are -(i) Liberty University(ii) Post University(iii) Kaplan University(iv) DeVry University(v) American Inter Continental University(vi) Grand Canyon University.The number of older women currently working to complete courses and degrees online represents a social wonder. Awareness of women’s problems and measures to help overcome the tribulations are required to raise the success of both older women and online programs.Although women are the main users, they are grossly underrepresented in high-tech sectors and among university administrators who are currently influential to online learning. Many adult women returning to college classes have to tackle significant hurdles not usually experienced by men. Many women balance career, community and household tasks against their curricular work. They often have serious economic liabilities too. Customarily, they have grappled with these difficulties while also facing inflexible class schedules and educational policies, incompetent childcare, lack of appropriate lodging, and lack of dependable transportation. Online education seeks to solve all this and more.

Use Social Networking to Promote Your E-Commerce Business

Social networking is a form of advertising that has been growing almost exponentially over the past decade. It is a great way to generate good rapport with your customers and positive publicity around the Internet. Social networking is targeted and helps bring in repeat customers.At the time of writing this, the most popular social networks are Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Having an account on one or all of these social media websites is essential for an effective social marketing campaign. Social media sharing websites include YouTube, Y! Video, Metacafe, AOL Video, Blogger, and WordPress. They are all different forms of social media that are useful for social networking and viral marketing.Once you create an account for a social network, the next step is to target a potential audience. What kind of lifestyle do your customers live? What are their hobbies, occupations, and interests? Are there regional limitations to your product market span?After picking your target audience, it is time to create the message you want to get across. What would you like to do for your guests? Motivate them? Inform them? Guide them? Connect them? Create the content on your social marketing website to reflect your chosen purpose. Are you planning to market mainly business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B)? Either way, the end goal is customer loyalty and repeat visits to your e-commerce website, but the way of going about this may vary depending on which group you plan to make your target audience.Since online marketing is not traditional marketing, it is important to remember that followers generated through online marketing campaigns are largely going to be those with whom you are able to generate the best rapport. It is important to be authentic and genuine in what you write as well as the way you write it. Use a friendly and conversational tone on social networking websites. At the same time, you want to be an expert on your subject! People will come to you for information and advice, and providing them with it will help you generate rapport with your visitors. Be a marketer, but do not act like a salesperson. The idea is to get people to come to trust your company name because they trust and like you and your online presence on social networking websites.Lastly, social network advertising is measurable if you take the time to track it. Track the time spent developing social network profile content, messages, and social network promotions. Keep a log of the size of your network on various social media websites, whether they are “friends” or “followers” or “fans” of your particular social network profile. Your return on investment, or ROI, is the money invested in marketing divided by the number of followers on your profile. For example, $1100 spent on marketing divided by 440 followers is an ROI of $2.50 per person influenced.Take the time to learn about social media and attract followers online through social network websites like Facebook and Twitter. These social media websites are not just for finding your long-lost high school friends; social network websites are a great potential source of traffic to your website.

Overcoming Special Education Apathy and Successfully Navigating the Special Education Maze!

Are you the parent of a child with Autism, or a learning disability who receives special education services? Does your life with your child seem overwhelming, and you sometimes find it difficult to be the advocate for school issues, as you need to be? Or have you given up advocating for your child’s education because you feel that you cannot win? This article will give you 6 ideas on how you can overcome apathy, successfully navigate the special education maze, so that your child can receive an appropriate education!1. Realize that special education is an entitlement for your child under Federal Special Education law (IDEA 2004), and that he or she is depending on you to fight for the services that they need!2. Now that school is back in session, try and attend a few parent trainings (on federal and state education and disability law), where you can learn about the law, and gain important advocacy information, as well as meet other parents in your area. Look for groups that provide parent training at your States parent training and information center (PTIC), or local disability organizations such as the ARC or United Cerebral Palsey (UCP).3. If a local advocacy group does not exist consider starting one with other parents. Attend a few groups so that you can decide what is important to include in your advocacy group. Encourage all members to support each other in their advocacy efforts by perhaps attending each others meetings, or role playing certain situations that may arise. Bringing in knowledgeable speakers will empower your advocacy!4. Join online organizations that not only educate parents, but have access to knowledgeable people such as lawyers or independent evaluators. Consider joining COPAA (Counsel of Parent Attorney’s and Advocates ); for a small yearly fee you can join the listserv that has parents, advocates, and attorneys discussing education advocacy issues. You may ask questions and seek advice on any advocacy situation that you are dealing with. By receiving expert help you will be empowered in your advocacy!5. Pursue an independent educational evaluation (IEE) to determine what related and special education services that your child needs in order to receive an appropriate education. Try and find a child friendly qualified evaluator that is either a Clinical Psychologist or a Neuropsychologist. It may take several months for an appointment so now is a good time to plan for the evaluation. Do not forget to mention your child’s need for extended school year services (ESY) if this is an issue with your school district-a recommendation from an independent evaluator that a child needs ESY is helpful to convince educators that this is needed. Ask your evaluator to put specific recommendations for amount and type of ESY in his or her evaluation report.6. Try and find another experienced parent or an advocate who can attend meetings with you, educate you on education law, give you advocacy tips, and share information on how you can overcome roadblocks to an appropriate education for your child. Experienced advocates can guide you through the process, as you successfully navigate the special education maze! Make sure any advocate you choose knows IDEA 2004, and your States education law, as well as a willingness to stand up to school personnel and roadblocks that special educators put up!Use these tips and you will well be on your way to overcoming special education apathy, for your child’s educational benefit!

S&P 500 Rallies As U.S. Dollar Pulls Back Towards Weekly Lows

Key Insights
The strong pullback in the U.S. dollar provided significant support to stocks.
Treasury yields have pulled back after touching new highs, which served as an additional positive catalyst for S&P 500.
A move above 3730 will push S&P 500 towards the resistance level at 3760.

Pfizer Rallies After Announcing A Huge Price Hike For Its COVID-19 Vaccines
S&P 500 is currently trying to settle above 3730 as traders’ appetite for risk is growing. The U.S. dollar has recently gained strong downside momentum as the BoJ intervened to stop the rally in USD/JPY. Weaker U.S. dollar is bullish for stocks as it increases profits of multinational companies and makes U.S. equities cheaper for foreign investors.

The leading oil services company Schlumberger is up by 9% after beating analyst estimates on both earnings and revenue. Schlumberger’s peers Baker Hughes and Halliburton have also enjoyed strong support today.

Vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna gained strong upside momentum after Pfizer announced that it will raise the price of its coronavirus vaccine to $110 – $130 per shot.

Biggest losers today include Verizon and Twitter. Verizon is down by 5% despite beating analyst estimates on both earnings and revenue. Subscriber numbers missed estimates, and traders pushed the stock to multi-year lows.

Twitter stock moved towards the $50 level as the U.S. may conduct a security review of Musk’s purchase of the company.

From a big picture point of view, today’s rebound is broad, and most market segments are moving higher. Treasury yields have started to move lower after testing new highs, providing additional support to S&P 500. It looks that some traders are ready to bet that Fed will be less hawkish than previously expected.

S&P 500 Tests Resistance At 3730

S&P 500 has recently managed to get above the 20 EMA and is trying to settle above the resistance at 3730. RSI is in the moderate territory, and there is plenty of room to gain additional upside momentum in case the right catalysts emerge.

If S&P 500 manages to settle above 3730, it will head towards the next resistance level at 3760. A successful test of this level will push S&P 500 towards the next resistance at October highs at 3805. The 50 EMA is located in the nearby, so S&P 500 will likely face strong resistance above the 3800 level.

On the support side, the previous resistance at 3700 will likely serve as the first support level for S&P 500. In case S&P 500 declines below this level, it will move towards the next support level at 3675. A move below 3675 will push S&P 500 towards the support at 3640.